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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Big Hair for a little Price.

Dear Jersey,
i need some hair advice! I'm going to a wedding and i can't afford to pay someone to do my hair : ( so I'm on my own lol. I'm thinking updo with volume but i don't want prom hair. how do i make this happen? lol please help i can curl and spray like any good jersey girl but i have no clue how to tease or anything and my hair deflates by the time i get from my room to the car so i don't think down is an option. any step by step tips? thank you soooooo much!
xx LBI

First, knowing how to tease is a GOOD thing--like when you need a look that will last from morning to night (perfect for weddings)
Having the right tools is key to a great tease!

before anything, follow this must list:

1)take your shower the night before your event, this will allow the hair to be in optimal curling and teasing scruffiness. (SN: only condition your ends not your scalp)
2) blow out your hair with a round brush and moose or use hot roller in just your crown area, the goal if to have you hair volumized before we start to tease
3) max hold hair spray is not mandatory but will deff make you life so0o much easier!
4) use a teasing comb, avil at sally's for like 2 bucks, its an awesome tool that any Jersey girl must not live without.

To get crown teasing just like this picture shows leave out the front section (if you wear a bang also leave that section out. Using a comb, tease the hair. To, tease take a section about the size of your finger start at in the middle and comb toward the scalp .

Also Check out this tutorial on Youtube.(sorry my hyper link is not working you must copy and paste this link-it's crap I know)

Just not Jersey enough to tease?
The side braid is my fav. and go to look right now. but you must know how to braid on yourself or you just end up looking like a crazy person. See Jen Aniston rocking that look in a picture in my April post " An Esquire & Gorgeous Hair This Spring

Need hair advice? or just have another random question? just post a comment and I will LOVE to answer it!

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