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Friday, September 30, 2011

Dallas sucks!

One (of many things) that makes me different is my favorite football team.( Go Patriots!)

New jersey does not have a football team, (even though the giants and jets do play in NJ) so we have the unique quality that we get to pick a side. Normally it's between the Eagles, the Giants, and Jets. One of the reasons why football season at any bar gets pretty heated. Even though we can't seem to agree who to root for,we do know who to root against. The Cowboys or around here called cowgirls lol.

Yesterday I received super bumming news my favorite radio personality/blogger is moving to DALLAS!!!!! waaaahhhh!

Lisa Paige has inspired me to write my blog. now back to the search to find a local fashion/beauty/gossip/ and local finds! do you know one? (besides me, teehee) comment to give a shout out to you go to blogger!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Birch box

AWESOME discovery in this month’s Birch Box!

I bought three pretty packs of these adorbs twistband hair ties thanks to the single one that was in my birch box this month. Aren’t they the sweetest little things you’ve ever seen? I received a black one in my box this month and loved it as soon as I saw it..or even put in my hair for that matter. Each pack of 3 costs $5 and it’s free shipping. Hook a sister up. Let me just tell you- For $10 a month, you get a box full of of random fun beauty products (all from legit reputable companies.) They are all sample sizes which is nice because you can test them out and decide for yourself if you really want to buy the bigger amount of that specific product. The coolest part about Birch Box, (I think,) is that there’s absolutely no commitment. So yeah, it’s $10 a month, but if you’re not digging it, you can cancel at anytime, no questions asked. Def worth a try if you’re a beauty junkie like mwah. Seriously, would I lie to you??? Plus, who doesn’t love an a box of goodies showing up at your door every month? I’m down.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It Keeps Getting Better

The prince and I have been doing great. I can't speak for him but I don't think I was this happy when we first started dating, I know the prince will never wear a matching outfit, but I don't think we could be any cuter!

it's the little things that make everything worth it. I could not be happier and just needed to shout from the roof top,since a roof top is not available I'll just post about my lover <3

Trending This Tuesday

One thing I absolutely love about award season is seeing what trends are gracing the red carpet, and I couldn’t help but notice how stunning Parks and Recreations star Aubrey Plaza looked with her 1940s-inspired waves. Hairstylist David Gardner was responsible for creating her old Hollywood, glamourous look. Inspired by her gorgeous dress and Golden Era starlets like Marlene Dietrich and Carole Lombard, David first applied styling mousse to her damp hair. He then dried her hair most of the way using his fingers, then switched to a round brush at the top and sides of her hair to add volume and to keep it smooth around her face for a more contemporary feel. Once the hair was completely dry, he curled sections in tight corkscrews on a 1-inch iron from root to the tip, leaving the ends straight. Once all the hair was curled and completely cooled, he raked his fingers through to break up the curls. He then styled the front over her eye and applied a shine-enhancing hairspray to lock in the look and keep the hair looking radiant and reflective throughout the evening.

Monday, September 19, 2011


just got home from picking up my brother from Paris Island. sad to report that there is now Eiffel tower on this island :( how ever it is an entire island of marines( and to me that better than Paris) ha! Paris island is home to the USMC boot camp, 13 weeks of testing your physical and mental strength, then making you stronger and able to handle anything. so proud of my baby brother in this great achievement!!!!

All recruits have the same hair style and here is a quick how to. since I live close to an Military base Mastering this cut has been a must for me.

The High and Tight is, obviously, a clipper cut. It’s similar in many ways to the “high top fade” and “buzz cut” styles. The key zone to consider is the parietal ridge. This is the point at which the greatest change in length occurs. Below this, the hair is cut to the shortest possible length. In some cases, a trimmer or edger may be employed in place of standard clippers in order to reduce the length in the areas below the parietal ridge to lengths of less than 1/16th inch. In some cases, the hair is actually shaved (at least partially) in the lower areas.

The “High” part of “High and Tight” (with tight referring to the shortness of the hair) comes from this positioning of the tapering and the fact that the only length to the hair comes at the top of the head. Even in its longest areas, a ‘High and Tight’ style will probably never be more than 3/8ths to ½ inches, and it may be shorter depending on the texture and wave pattern of the hair.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Who is to blame???

working on this post will be up soon....
so salons computer system crashed and this has reinforced many things both professionally and personally.
first- Keep ALL records of EVERYTHING you do!
second-be honest!
third- be confident
fourth- understand that your sole purpose is to help the team

yea, this is pretty much a stylists worst nightmare but our salon is recovering and even though it only has been 4 days it has felt like the longest 4 days. keeping the clients and the stylist happy has been very challenging to say the least. As odd as it sounds this has actually made me feel alot closer with the stylists, and it has given me many opportunities to work with individual stylist preparing a client for a service, or even taking a blow out. Saturday is still looking scary but I am deff. ready for a challenge.

here's hoping this pays off <3


Sorry for the delay in posts recently things have been so crazy!
first update hurricane Irene came and went (as seen in the photos from last post) howeve just as we started to dry out, we are in our 3rd day of nothing but rain!! so far a road collapsed and 29 ( a road I NEED to get anywhere) is CLOSED!!! in order to cross the bridge to P.A. (normally a 5 min drive) is now a half hour, without traffic and since 29 closed there has been ALOT of traffic!! WAAAHHHH!!!!

ok onto other news...
I have moved out of my mothers house!!!! yay yay yay!!!!

however still being a struggling assistant, I have moved into another family's home,as a live in nanny. So this past week was moving week, with no computer! Now that I'm all moved in I will be back to blogging about all my new adventures as assistant/nanny <3