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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hairdo (or hair don't?)

Jessica simpson's newest addition to her extention line is clip on bangs! saw them at Cosmo prof last week and had to pick them up! this photos ia all you do!
I'm absolutely delighted with these bangs. They're perfect! (It matches my hair color exactly, I'm a semi-dark brown with some lighter hues and the R6 is just perfect.)
Not only the color, but the overall look of the hair is so good too! This thing really looks like it grew on my head, and not like it's a wig or something! I'm so happy with it that I just had to rush here to share my feelings about it. :)

What really sealed the deal for me, was the fact that those bangs come with three clips to hold it in place, placed in a triangle. It makes for a much more secure and realistic hold. The fact this hairpiece has three clips makes it hold in place so much better, it realistically looks like part of your head, instead of looking like some strange alien creature sitting on top of it. Yes, they are synthetic, but don't look bad. They were a bit on the shiny side, but if you dust them with a little baby powder and comb through, it takes the shine right out!
check out to pick up yours today!

What new products have you tried this season?


  1. Oooh I was just thinking of getting bangs at my next hair appointment...perhaps I should do a test run w/these fake ones!

  2. I have a serious cowlick so I could never have bangs before. so I love these a little extra! but I love the idea of a test run!