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Monday, April 11, 2011

An Esquire & Gorgeous Hair This Spring

First and foremost a special congrats to my law and order cousins in Miami! I am now related to an Esquire and the fuzz is now legal to drink! Wishing I was in Miami like woah !!

OK focus back to the task at hand...
Tips to keep your hair (spring) Fresh!

first know what your damage is, take this check up from redbook

keep your colored hair radiant by using a leave in conditioner once a week

Add some punch to your ponytail by parting on the side and adding volume to the crown.

Experiment with a darker hair color, just make sure it complements your skin tone.

Break out the hot rollers and go Hollywood glam

Try Jennifer Aniston's grown-up twist on braids

I love the baby braid I feel like it also dresses up my ponytail! my spring fresh change will be bangs. what will yours be?

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