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Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's a new dawn, a day, a new life, and I'm feeling G0o0oD

Michael Buble's Feeling good has been my theme song today. sigh* such a cutie! no?
the start of something new is my favorite, so filled with promise & potential. Today marks my new dawn, Today is the start of my new job!!! In a real salon, with real training, and real hours, and real pay, feeling a little like Pinocchio right now. Mystiqe at princeton marketfair mall is my new home more info check out the salon offers bumble and bumble products, I don't have any experience with b&b so need to study up.
Have you used Bumble&Bumble? whats your favorite product?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Your Hair Smells.....Like Strawberries!!!

I don’t have much experience using a Denman brush but, I find these Denman Tutti Frutti Scented Hairbrushes oddly appealing. I like the old school vibe–they’re basically a classic Denman styling brush, with a brightly colored pad and fruit design that corresponds to each brush’s fruit fragrance. They come in lemon, strawberry, grape, and coconut. this would make cute gift from the easter bunny! I just really want to smell these… Denman Tutti Frutti Scented Brushes are available at Urban Outfitters for $12.00 each.

Do you use a Denmans?

Mom Approved

My mother recently had surgery, altho the surgery was a huge success one of the side effects from it was hair loss. As she already had fine short hair,additional hair loss was something she was not prepared for. Lucky for her I am The worlds BEST daughter! I found XFusion! XFusion is a cosmetic breakthrough that immediately gives men and
women thicker-looking hair. It consists of colored organic fibers made
of pure keratin protein – the same protein that makes up human hair.
When shaken onto balding or thinning hair, XFusion fibers instantly and
securely fill out the hair a person already has, giving him or her the
appearance of having significantly more hair. Since XFusion works with
existing hair, it can enhance even the sparsest areas. (It is not,
however, appropriate for completely bald individuals.) Mama dukes says "This product has been a life saver of social comfort to me by covering the thin area of my hair in the top front of my hair. I feel very confident wearing it. My hair is dark brown, which seems to make my white scalp really glow in contrast to my dark hair. This product does a very good job of covering the area and giving the appearance of fuller hair by covering the white contrast of the scalp." great colors to choose from For even better results,The Spray Applicator fits on the cap of the bottle after the sifter is removed. It disperses the fibers even more uniformly than by shaking; it can help fill out larger areas more easily and also allow you close and precise enhancement of smaller areas.
All and all 5 star product!

Monday, March 28, 2011


Lots of products sent to me over the past few weeks :) so happy I feel Ligit! big things starting right now, if only I could have this moment with me forever. On to the goods, First up was very sexy Dry shampoo. This stuff is ABSOLUTELY amazing!!!!!!!!!! I have dark hair and because it is clay-based there is no white, powdery residue, it literally keeps my hair looking clean for the 2nd and even 3rd day without reapplying! It leaves your hair a matte finish and adds volume. I was blown away at how well it worked! where the jury seems split on weather it is a pro or a con is the the texture it leaves your hair. To me it feel like hairspray( the mega hold, tornado proof kind) Even tho the spray is only on your roots it does make your hair feel slighly straw like. Very sexy dry shampoo is a 4 1/2 star product for me! Great for styling, and does add volume,that helps me to style it like normal on 2nd day. The clay based product literally does soak up the oil and saves your color and your time! AMAZING!
CON: the funky smell of the spray. (not eye watering, But not roses)

Next up...
Chi-organics Olive Nutrient Therapy Silk Oil

(I already use & LOVE moroccan oil but i do love the organic push)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sammi Sweetheart Giancola Jewelry Line

Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola has recently launched her very own jewelry line in collaboration with the RichRocks brand. The eponymous collection, which consists of seven pieces, highlights the personality of the diva to a great extent. Find out the latest details about the collection and see if any of the pieces appeal to you. i LOVE the hoops, but as much as i love hearts, the balls need to go! LOL