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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

If ifs and buts were candy and nuts...

.. everyday would be Christmas!
New things are scary, and meeting new people forget it! lol Like any jersey girl Confidence is my middle name( and my first and last name too) however grew up in a house with a father who made my mother feel as big as a thumb tack! (and was out the door before i was 5)so self esteem was not a word I grew up with at all.

HA! that is the advise my mother would give!

yea it blows away my family I turned into a strong confident person (reason 1234567876543 why my parents divorce was the best thing for me) I would love to be a public speaker one day! however the one thing that stops me in my track are other peoples parents, I have zero experience! I know to be myself buuuttt, one frog in my past his parents were serious dragons! they didn't approve of my "hippie nonsense" and the frog said well that's what happens when you have an opinion WTF?! the problem, is it has now taken my I don't understand what "normal" parents do, to feeling like I'll never know what thats like so don't get too attached! ugh I hate feeling like I'm pouring salt into my own wound!!!! but tonight I'm meeting someone new, and hoping I can stay in the moment and enjoy it, and not worry about who says what! thanks to Irish for reminding me "When people hurt you over & over again, think of them like a sandpaper. You may be scratched, but you end up polished & they end up useless."
now this polished girl has to pick out an outfit for tonight!!

What is your achilles tendon of your self esteem? what helps you deal?

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