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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

out of the Loop

where has the time gone? lets see quick catch up about November the prince and I are going strong, black friday was not anything special, I am so0o not a fan of all the stores opening at midnight but I have a whole year to plan how to work it best next year. however I scored a killer deal at kohls! kohls cash was 15.00 for every 50.00 I recieved 2, buuut then the sent me a 10 cash card also so i spent 50 but ended up with 40 dollars toward my next purchase and it started 12/1 so still in time for christmas! love love! btw old navy is trying their hand at this but i have to wait a month before it is valid blah!! the thanksgiving rush also gave me tons more experience with my blow outs deff feeling apart of a (dysfunctional)family :)
ok back to work will deff finish updating tonight hope you enjoyed the tease!