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From jersey with love..

Hi. My name is Stephanie Daniell and I'm super excited to finally launch! Here, you'll get the latest info on all my favorite stuff- fashion trends, new food discoveries, celebrity dirt, beauty, and whatever ridiculous bag I'm obsessing over at the moment (which is all a bit too frequent these days). All of this, along with random unimportant details like, pictures, videos, audio, and whatever else comes to mind on any given day. What you see, watch and hear on the radio, is what you'll be getting on Let me start off by giving you a little background about myself, I live in Hamilton New Jersey, Septemberfest is what I look forward to all year! I do believe that us girls from jersey are more than fabulous, we are jersey fabulous! I'm a Graduate of Empire Beauty School of Bordentown. (insert you big hair jersey hair joke here...). Now I'm an assistant at Mystique salon and spa, trying to work my way to the top!
I live life to the fullest.... my friends and family are my everything... I have no regrets...all of life's experiences have made me strong.. i learn from my mistakes and TRY not to make them again.. .Making other people happy makes me feel good… i work extremely hard.. and play even harder..yes i'm irish and love every minute ofit... i'm not high maintenance but i do like nice things and looking good.. i have a mild case of OCD.. I love cover bands.. i love to laugh and smile.. sometimes i can get a little moody.. but that can be quickly cured with the right song or the right people..i love taking pictas of everyone and everything... and yes i really do thinnk the lefts side is my best side of my face lol......I love late night long drives…I can be pretty content staying in or going out- depends on the company!...I love making money and like spending it even more…I take life as it comes.. one day at a time.