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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hair Trend

cannot wait for the GoldenGlobes red carpet show. Last year the messy updo was a HUGE trend. here is the how to. Enjoy! What do you think the trend this year will be??

Anyone can create a quick messy updo in a matter of a few minutes if the goal is a casual messy style.

If you want a more formal dressy updo, you may need to invest a little more time to get a more formal messy updo.

In the meantime, it is quite simple to create a quick messy updo by following these steps on pre-washed, pre-dryed hair (with approrpriate styling products) that is long enough to put in a ponytail:

1. Use fingers and a “hair friendly” boar bristle brush to smoothe hair and direct it towards the back of your head.
2. For extra volume and fullness at the crown either back comb hair with brush or use fingers to lift and fluff the top part of your crown either before, during or after your are positioning the ponytail base.
3. Direct the ponytail base to be positioned between the top and just below the crown but not lower than the middle of the head. The positioning of the pony base depends on your own goals but it best higher up.
4. Use a “hair friendly” Blax elastic band in either clear or the same color as your hair and wrap around hair to form a high ponytail. Gently pull the hair in the tail with your fingers from each side to make sure all the hair is arranged the same from the base.
5. Take the bottom of the tail and wrap it up and around the base of the new pony in a clockwise direction. You have the option to wrap the bun tight or loose depending on your goals.
6. Keep wrapping the tail around the base of the pony until all hair is used up.
7. Tuck any left over tail into base of the new wrapped bun. Bobby pin into place.
8. Use fingers to gently pull some of the bun hair to loosen and give it a loose, messy look.

Spray with a soft holding hair spray or spray wax to create different textures.

If you prefer you can pull a few random strands loose and use a medium barrel curling iron to twist so that they cascade from the bun. For a messier effect back comb the ponytail hair after it’s created but before the tail is wrapped around the base.

Create a fuller messy updo by bending over at the waist and ruffling hair while back combing with fingers to get a messy ponytail bun or a fuller crown. If you prefer you can use your fingers to ruffle the crown like Maria Bello’s crown – shown above.

Experiment and have fun. The key to a messy updo is having fun creating it.

Take Two

Betty white has had the comeback of her life in 2010. From one snickers Hollywood's it (golden) girl. Betty White is best known for role on Golden Girl. Rose Nylund and I have a lot in common, as I have some wild (but true) stories and sometimes I'm said to be a "terminally naive, a person who always believed the first explanation of something." GASP!! and now as for comebacks go I'm following Betty White once again. I am now working at Great Clips in Flemmington. I started last month as a receptionist. and now I am also a floater.(cutting when we are busy)I love the salon atmosphere. super friendly and mellow. I really have been given a great chance to shine! so happy I have time to write again! first half of my state boards have been completed and PASSED!!! yay<3

who doesn't like Golden Girl quotes??
Rose: Can I ask a dumb question?
Dorothy: Like no one else.