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Friday, April 29, 2011

Best of Both Worlds!...?

Happy wedding day!!! Not mine of course, but Will and Kate's. Now because I have always thought of myself as a princess, I wonder who Kate tuned to when she had doubts of how her two worlds can co-exist? I face that same dilemma now. trying to balance my work-a-holic lifestyle and family! can someone please make a 24 hour Target!?! help a sister out!.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


No this is not a blog about zit creme! For all new stylists out there the best advice I was ever given (and want to pass on) is, be proactive! Being an assistant is more than being the salon housekeeper.(Ok so it is important to have enough towels too) Don't wait around to be told to do something. Trust me, there is always something to dust! However in your down time, watch the stylists work, ASK questions! they love to talk about what they do. I totally love Mystique, & I'm so grateful for this opportunity! Everyone is so friendly and WANTS to teach. And the products!! *SIGH* I seriously don't know how I lived without Bumble and Bumble!!! Aveda is also Feb! I have been focused on learning about their skin care line, It is great everything is plant derived! no man made scents or smells
FYI: Mysique is hiring (proactive)assistants. check out for more info!

What was the best advice someone gave you??

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Wrap Up.

best part about working 6 days a week? the money!! the worst? no life! today is my first day "off" and still spending the day with the 94 year old I babysit. (btw future children of mine I want to live in a home this sitting infront of a tv is boring!!!)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Setting the stage

Today is "National Stress Awareness Day". Figures it would fall on a Monday. Who needs a vacation??

here is a little awareness about my stress....

My relationship is not easy. It never has been, it never will be. I also have been taught that the harder you work at something, the more you enjoy its rewards. (hello, cosmetology school!)
My parents have been divorced for 20 years now, they still can’t be in the same room together without world war 3 breaking out, and I still cringe when someone refers to my dad’s girlfriend as my stepmom(even though they have been together for over 12 years). So yes I come from a very broken home however I do not consider myself broken by any means. I am fortunate enough to know that divorce can be a good thing. I am so thankful that my parents did not stay together because growing up in a house with 2 miserable people does not help the child! So I find it very full circle of my life to be now dating a man with a child and an Ex-wife. I love him, I love the man he is and the man he wants to be. (haha, name that movie)
Now I am a very public person , however the people in my life deserve their right to privacy. For now on the staring roles will be played as follows…

“Prince charming” is my boyfriend…who doesn’t like to date prince’s haha
“Snow White” is my boyfriends daughter from if first marriage
& that would make me Queen Grimhilde...not that I want to be the wicked stepmother but there is no disney movie about a blended family (lets get on that people)
My blog (like my sweetheart )is a place where I feel safe to rant and rave, these are loving nicknames designed so I can simply talk more freely about ALL aspects of my life, my roots if you will tee hee.

Monday, April 11, 2011

An Esquire & Gorgeous Hair This Spring

First and foremost a special congrats to my law and order cousins in Miami! I am now related to an Esquire and the fuzz is now legal to drink! Wishing I was in Miami like woah !!

OK focus back to the task at hand...
Tips to keep your hair (spring) Fresh!

first know what your damage is, take this check up from redbook

keep your colored hair radiant by using a leave in conditioner once a week

Add some punch to your ponytail by parting on the side and adding volume to the crown.

Experiment with a darker hair color, just make sure it complements your skin tone.

Break out the hot rollers and go Hollywood glam

Try Jennifer Aniston's grown-up twist on braids

I love the baby braid I feel like it also dresses up my ponytail! my spring fresh change will be bangs. what will yours be?

Friday, April 8, 2011

How To Fake Thick Ones

Fuller arches are so sexy right now, but not everyone is blessed with a set. Fortunately, it's easy enough to get the look with a few tricks and the right products. Like a great push-up bra for your brows!

Pencil Them In
Use a brow pencil to outline the shape of the brows. Then, you just have to fill them in.
Pick a Powder
You can use a powder to make your brows look lighter or darker, depending on your hair color, what you're wearing and the thickness you're going for.
Try a Brush
For an overall darker look, dab an angled brush into powder and then wiggle it into your brows, following their natural shape.
The Right Tools
Yes, you want fuller brows, but they shouldn't be crazy-bushy. Use a sharp tweezer with an angled tip to ensure that you only grab the hairs that pop up outside your arch.
Hold 'em in Place
Brow gugu Eliza Petrescu says that after you fill them in, it's majorly important to set your brows with a gel if you want the look to last.

The Whole Kit and Kaboodle
For the girl who wants it all—thicker, fuller, darker—but needs a little hand-holding when it comes to DIY, this kit comes with instructions from Too Faced creator/makeup genius Jarrod Blandino.

only $35 at Amazon

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Scam? slightly. Working? Absolutely

I have always been a Diet Coke drinker, (My mom had diabetes when i was younger so I was never given regular coke so now i don't like the taste of it.) and now I love being Rewarded for it!! Each cap is worth 3 points, so points add up pretty quick. So far I have ordered 2 magazines. REDBOOK & GLAMOUR love that I am being rewarded for doing something I would do anyway! You deff. still have to be a smart shopper however, some "rewards" are rip offs. like for 30 points you can get a free 20oz coke product. (but do the math, 3points per cap much cheaper to just buy another soda) regardless I love it! good Job marketing team!!
whats you favorite rewards program?

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Like nailing jell-o to the wall...

If only if the jello stayed right where you nailed it, but that's life i guess always moving always jiggling :o) I have competed the first 2 days of training on the computer, yay Sunday I am Assisting, well training to assist...not very glamorous I know, however even the smallest forward, is still a step forward. .. enough with the greeting card isle. off to make them monies haha