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Friday, February 11, 2011

International Beauty Show

March 7th is just under a month away and i cannot wait for it to get here! the international beauty show is a trade show (for professionals only) that everyone MUST attend. between some awesome deals...that's where i was first introduced to Moroccan oil 3yrs ago.. the latest trends, and great workshops<3 i have never done a hands on work shop,but i usually go just one day and let me tell you it is way overwhelming! i know when you hear trade show you think blahh but this is like the biggest party ever. i mean seriously between the music, the models, and the free stuff how could you go wrong?

ok some tips for the newbie...
1- wear sneakers!!! the showroom floor is HUGE and there is a whole second floor for the spa section. you WILL cry if you wear heals, trust me i see it every year.
2- dress the part <3 ok you don't have to buut you never know who you will meet. last year i litterly ran into kim vo
3- get there first! first thing in the morning most booths are looking for models, and (now very few free, but still cheap)spray tan sign up's go quick! also some of the nail booths offer free mani's (but I'm to much of a germaphobe for that)
4- pack light! officially there is no wheeled luggage allowed the trade show. so what ever you buy remember you have to lug! they still allow backpacks in so that's what i use, but i just love any excuse to whip this baby out!
5- plan lunch. not many options avil, food inside the jacob javits center is beyond expensive ($4 for a 16oz water) then food carts outside the center, or lastly McDon's about a block away.
6- research,research,research....know the msrp of the products you are looking for. this will help you spot a deal and possibly get a better deal. also some places will give you a code to get the show price online.
7- last and most important. play hardball, be sold on a product, this is the time to ask stupid questions, ask "how does this compare to other brands" before you are fooled by "all natural" products remember arsenic is all natural!!

sign up now at and see you there!

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