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Thursday, April 28, 2011


No this is not a blog about zit creme! For all new stylists out there the best advice I was ever given (and want to pass on) is, be proactive! Being an assistant is more than being the salon housekeeper.(Ok so it is important to have enough towels too) Don't wait around to be told to do something. Trust me, there is always something to dust! However in your down time, watch the stylists work, ASK questions! they love to talk about what they do. I totally love Mystique, & I'm so grateful for this opportunity! Everyone is so friendly and WANTS to teach. And the products!! *SIGH* I seriously don't know how I lived without Bumble and Bumble!!! Aveda is also Feb! I have been focused on learning about their skin care line, It is great everything is plant derived! no man made scents or smells
FYI: Mysique is hiring (proactive)assistants. check out for more info!

What was the best advice someone gave you??

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