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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Scam? slightly. Working? Absolutely

I have always been a Diet Coke drinker, (My mom had diabetes when i was younger so I was never given regular coke so now i don't like the taste of it.) and now I love being Rewarded for it!! Each cap is worth 3 points, so points add up pretty quick. So far I have ordered 2 magazines. REDBOOK & GLAMOUR love that I am being rewarded for doing something I would do anyway! You deff. still have to be a smart shopper however, some "rewards" are rip offs. like for 30 points you can get a free 20oz coke product. (but do the math, 3points per cap much cheaper to just buy another soda) regardless I love it! good Job marketing team!!
whats you favorite rewards program?

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