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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Best Foot Forward

For me the best feeling in the world is sitting on the swing with my toes in the sand! unfortunately I live 40 min away from the beach, and with gas prices (wanting my first born) driving there more than once this week was just not an option.(SN:seaside park beach badges are now on sale for the cheapest price all season just $45 go to for the deats) So I did the only other logical thing, I ran away! 2 miles to be exact. Now that my hair is shoulder length it does not quite fit into a ponytail so last night I had a to tie my hair in a 1/2 pony then take the rest into another pony (slightly Mohawk like) so today I spent the morning looking for headbands. Not the easiest task since my head is very Irish (aka big!LoL) I stumbled across these my friend Lisa LOVES her but unlike her I need to try before I buy whenever possible so0o I found it is right in Newton, PA and they sell them! yay! so now tonight I am going to try one of these bad boys out! sounds awesome!!

What do you use to keep your hair in place?

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