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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Beauty and the Cheap

"In order to be a sought after stylist you have to be trendy" -Ms. G. Anyone in cosmetology has heard the lecture, how we have to be as trendy as the clients we want in our chair, and how to "look the part" 24/7! I know at Empire of Bordentown Ms.Gail would stress the importance of having your own hair done(no roots, no ponytails, no wrinkles). However the lesson that was skipped was, how to look "the part" on a assistants pay scale?!?!

that's why it is good you have me!! before you put a cent out on clothes, you NEED a subscription the the magazine of your targeted clients.(think: Cosmo,Parents, Redbook,More) not only are your style trends there it is also great conversation started while you are washing your clients hair. Now,I have been a subscriber to Cosmo since 1999. I seriously love it! (I even save summer issues to look at in the winter to pick my spirits up from all the jersey snow!) which brings me to my point. Today on groupon the deal of the day is a subscription to Cosmopolitan, for only 8 bucks!!!!
copy and paste this link to get it!

now once you find a style you like then look for the same patterns or even just the color combo you don't have to buy the $148.00 t-shirt to be trendy! and if your budget is tight look for the trendy accessories

That's a steal! Also this month it has been 1 year since I graduated Empire. I will deff have my post up soon reflecting on this past year's adventures, and next years plans!
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