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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pit Beef

still having fun in Maryland and today learned of a new food! I was asked today if I wanted to get pit beef sandwich for lunch, my over active imagination was thinking it was some form of beef jerky.. but i politely said, "I'm sorry you want what" suddenly i was getting flash backs of being asked if i wanted to play corn hole (it's beanbag toss for us yanks) so we drove on over to the pit beef stand at the church parking lot and what do you know it was DELISH!!! so i came back to the house and googled pit beef. apparently its official name is "Baltimore pit beef sandwich" and they serve it in restaurants too and is a BBQ staple. now it looks just like a hot roast beef sandwich but its the dry rubs they use on the meat to make it fan-freaking-tastic! Here's the link for on recipe. I will deff have to make this and test it out on my "yank" friends

what regional food have you tried?In Jersey it's porkroll. Yumm!

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