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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

WTF (Well That's Fantastic)

this week already has been crazy and more crazy is still to come! My life is a flipping joke at the moment, but I'm trying to just laugh at it all. first,I tried to keep it quiet for sometime now,but I'm back on the hunt for a prince charming. mine turned out to be a total toad! I don't care how old I am I deserve to be treated like a as of now this blog will no longer include step life. just my life! anywho

Thursday is the U2 concert in philly!!!!!!!!!!! yay! going with my girl "Irish" this concert was originally supposed to be last year buuttt bono hurt his back and the had to cancel the chow, now they are back for the makeup show! this is going to be beyond intense! the last (and first time)I saw U2 I was in literally the last seats alllllll the way up but still had a blast then, now I have floor seats! flooooorrrrr. iI can almost garuntee i will have no voice for a few days! now to make my u2 playlist to refresh my ( god awful) memory!

Friday-Working, WORKING for the weekend! lol


durring the day walking the Brooklyn bridge then at 8:30pm the MP3E eight starts!!
check out for the deets!

what are you doing this weekend?

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