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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Chic for Under $50

living on an assistants wages and staying cut is a tough act. but this is my must list to follow!

Know where to go.
There are great stores and brands- like Old Navy, Target, & Playless- that consistently turn out fun, affordable fashion.

Know what to look for.
...pretty (and practical) details like good buttons functioning pockets, and nice flat seams. also neutral colors and jewel tones look richer. The less hardware, logos, and branding, the more polished you look.

Know a good tailor.
Seriously: the easiest way to upgrade an inexpensive buy is to get it tailored to fit your body!!

know when the sales happen.
Pre-fall merchandise gets marked down in September. Sign up for E-mail alerts from your favorite stores so you know about special in-store discounts.

Happy Shopping!

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