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Monday, May 9, 2011

More Than a Hair Cut

All women need to have a breakup haircut.

Many women swear by this almost as a rite of passage. Logically, it’s the worst thing you can do after a breakup. You’re irrational, you’re emotional, you’re everything you shouldn’t be when you sit on that swivel chair and ask the stylist to chop off your locks.

But what you get out of this simple act of a haircut is indescribable. It’s almost a sense of liberation. Like the emancipation of that part of your life. You’re chopping off a part of you. You’re making a change. You’re ready to start a new. The old you is being swept up by the bottom-of-the-food-chain assistant at the hair salon and thrown in the garbage bin. Gone. For good.

All women need a breakup haircut.

I had mine on Saturday.

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