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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fashion to Figure

My name is Stephanie and i am a size 11/12. I can admit to my size, what i don't understand is why clothing companies ignore my size!! my biggest pet peeve is when a standard size stops at a 9/10 and plus starts at 14/16. shout out to New York & Company for carrying ALL sizes up to 16 (however busty babes need not apply LOL) Torrid says they start at a size 12. their dresses are fab for us busty girls. however their sizes are uniquely theirs. (0-5 is fun to read on a tag) but most of their size "0" is way too big!! waaahh! anywhoo I have found an awesome store I cannot wait to visit this store next week!!!!! the website is (drumroll)
go, shop, tell me what you found! I will be posting pictures of my adventures.
BONUS: their stuff is actually pretty reasonably priced! my frugalista side loves it!!!

I love this off the shoulder look!

Like them on FB to get a coupon!

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