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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Beach NiNi

My dad's house has been my life line this past week! Here in Jersey it has been 100 degrees for the past 2 days and not cooling off anytime soon! Blech! Thankfully my dad has a pool, so my sister and I have lived in the past week.
As fan-freaking-tastic the pool has been, my hair has been holding up a white flag! clorine is so0o drying to your hair, not to mention what it does to your blonde! (S.N. -put ketchup in your hair, sounds crazy but gets the green out) Bumble &Bumbles have an AWESOME clarifing shampoo called "Sunday"
Highly recomend it!(REVIEW: It's designed to remove build up in either one wash, or if you want - and they do say you don't need to - a second wash just to be sure. It has the slightest of fragrance (very fresh and natural) and you don't need a lot. It lathers well, and makes your hair soft again, because all the junk is out of your hair right after using this amazing shampoo. It's one of the best build-up removing shampoos I've ever used and it's so softening. You shouldn't need it much more than once a week, but sometimes I use it twice. I love it and highly recommend it to all product junkies. ) i shampooed them left the shampoo in my hair for a few min then rinsed it out and Good-bye Clorine hair!

My second Must have of the summer is Morrocan oil Hydrating masque LOVE,LOVE,LOVE!!!
(REVIEW:This is a great conditioner for very dry, overprocessed hair. the Moroccan oil leaves it soft. The smell is fantastic! ) now yes this is a little pricy however you NEED this in your life if you are a fish like me! Both are avil at Mystique Salon! ok thats all for now. off to Teresa's for din. I'm told there chicken alfado is delish! YUM!!

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