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Friday, August 19, 2011

The Best Time to Wear a Striped Sweater... anytime!

So i recieved my first (stack) of september fashion magizines! LOVE all the fall trends, Hate the need to sell my liver to keep up with the trends! well I hate that I have no one to sell my liver to, really! anywho, anyone I talked to about how to go from assistant to stylist (beside talent [thanks Empire of Boredentown for all you did]) has said the best leg up you can do is look the part. stylist have this confidence to try the latest trends,good bad or ugly. and you need to be eye catching as an assistant to outshine you position and people start asking you about style. trust me your stylist will notice, and most importantly your boss will notice.

Now living on an assistants salery is just plain impossible, and the thought of new clothes just makes you laugh! I know i have been there!
-first stop eating out for lunch
is there honestly a policy that a deli/pizza place must be within 10ft of a salon????
and packing your own lunch helps you control your calories and who couldnt afford to lose a few lbs?!
-second it is ALL about the color
even tho the michaels kors cluch is to die for it is not just about the cluch its about the color of the clutch!!
-yes most salons are a black on black kind of place (Mystiqe is not! another reason I love it) look ate accessories in the "Hot" colors
That being said here is

what is hot this minute!
High voltage bits of red and an up to the minute edge to this falls ensembles

Silver is the new neutral
(yes its silver not grey,jeeze just say Erve Ledger why dont you?)

Hint of Lace
a HINT to much and you Will look like a street walker, and no one wants a prostitute to shampoo thier hair. (ok tbh. there is prob a clientele out there for that)
and too little lace you just look like you forgot to check a mirror before work!

Polka dots

again less is more you are not trying to re create I love lucy! but this is an awesome trend to do on the cheap!

What trend are you excited to try?

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