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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


My life at the moment is so much of a rom-com I am seriously on the lookout for hidden camaras!
so heres te recap. the prince and I left the kingdom and went our separate ways. for a little while it was fine. then I met captain America and he was a perfect gentleman but it was just not what I was looking for so once again I'm on my own. no worries, prince charming has pulled a Hail Mary play. Now he is working on things to make our life better. ::sniff:: awww! but for now it's just a wait and see. I mean diseny, the notebook, when harry met sally. all taught me how there is a moment in yourlife that you just hear music and the wind blows your hair perfectly and suddenly no one is around(and just at the perfect time they re-appear to applaud your engagement!LOL) but life has taught me that someone completing you is fiction,and those movis are to set everyone up for failure. only now he is sanding here and when I close my eyes I hear violins.

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