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Friday, August 12, 2011

“Maybe our mistakes are what make our fate.

Well new guy was not the guy for me. oh well another one bites the dust! lol All I can say is peer pressure comes in many forms. Luckily D.A.R.E. taught me to just say no, and i did just that. and I am so0o happy now. fact is if anything make you uncomfortable then you need to get out of that situation. it is just not fair to yourself, or anyone expect you to change or want to change them.

anywho enough of vague pep talks... I have too much else to worry about.
I have a serious migraine coming on, my first sign is my eyebrow twitches, how crazy is that?? I don't know how to explain it but as soon as my eyebrow titches I know I have to be careful of loud noises.

I figured if I can learn how to not die from a head ache, I will be just fine from a heart ache x0x

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