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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Space is a Safe Place.

So as you may have guessed I am a (slightly recovering) shopaholic. (Imelda is still my middle name.)

having a 13 x 32 room allows for ALOT more stuff to nest! between mannequins, color, products, accessories I really could open a retail store! LOL also fun fact I have not bought Christmas cards in 2 years and probably could go another 2 before I need to buy Christmas cards again! (always buy your Christmas cards the week after the holiday! 500 cards for $1.75!!!!) That was the deal to turn me into a Lets make a Deal Diva! no buying anything that is full priced. however I am not saving much I am getting way More for the same I spend. Anywhooo! this jersey girl has to pack up, spread her wings and fly! (and move 6 blocks away. haha)sigh.. How do you pick what to take and what to toss??? I cant pick favorites! what if I need it one day?!?!?! this move has put me in serious freak out mode. and the only thing I have done is collect boxes hahaha! P.s. be on the look out for a jersey fabulous yard sale!

what was the hardest thing you had to let go of?

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