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Friday, September 30, 2011

Dallas sucks!

One (of many things) that makes me different is my favorite football team.( Go Patriots!)

New jersey does not have a football team, (even though the giants and jets do play in NJ) so we have the unique quality that we get to pick a side. Normally it's between the Eagles, the Giants, and Jets. One of the reasons why football season at any bar gets pretty heated. Even though we can't seem to agree who to root for,we do know who to root against. The Cowboys or around here called cowgirls lol.

Yesterday I received super bumming news my favorite radio personality/blogger is moving to DALLAS!!!!! waaaahhhh!

Lisa Paige has inspired me to write my blog. now back to the search to find a local fashion/beauty/gossip/ and local finds! do you know one? (besides me, teehee) comment to give a shout out to you go to blogger!

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