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Thursday, September 8, 2011


Sorry for the delay in posts recently things have been so crazy!
first update hurricane Irene came and went (as seen in the photos from last post) howeve just as we started to dry out, we are in our 3rd day of nothing but rain!! so far a road collapsed and 29 ( a road I NEED to get anywhere) is CLOSED!!! in order to cross the bridge to P.A. (normally a 5 min drive) is now a half hour, without traffic and since 29 closed there has been ALOT of traffic!! WAAAHHHH!!!!

ok onto other news...
I have moved out of my mothers house!!!! yay yay yay!!!!

however still being a struggling assistant, I have moved into another family's home,as a live in nanny. So this past week was moving week, with no computer! Now that I'm all moved in I will be back to blogging about all my new adventures as assistant/nanny <3

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