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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Who is to blame???

working on this post will be up soon....
so salons computer system crashed and this has reinforced many things both professionally and personally.
first- Keep ALL records of EVERYTHING you do!
second-be honest!
third- be confident
fourth- understand that your sole purpose is to help the team

yea, this is pretty much a stylists worst nightmare but our salon is recovering and even though it only has been 4 days it has felt like the longest 4 days. keeping the clients and the stylist happy has been very challenging to say the least. As odd as it sounds this has actually made me feel alot closer with the stylists, and it has given me many opportunities to work with individual stylist preparing a client for a service, or even taking a blow out. Saturday is still looking scary but I am deff. ready for a challenge.

here's hoping this pays off <3

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