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Monday, September 19, 2011


just got home from picking up my brother from Paris Island. sad to report that there is now Eiffel tower on this island :( how ever it is an entire island of marines( and to me that better than Paris) ha! Paris island is home to the USMC boot camp, 13 weeks of testing your physical and mental strength, then making you stronger and able to handle anything. so proud of my baby brother in this great achievement!!!!

All recruits have the same hair style and here is a quick how to. since I live close to an Military base Mastering this cut has been a must for me.

The High and Tight is, obviously, a clipper cut. It’s similar in many ways to the “high top fade” and “buzz cut” styles. The key zone to consider is the parietal ridge. This is the point at which the greatest change in length occurs. Below this, the hair is cut to the shortest possible length. In some cases, a trimmer or edger may be employed in place of standard clippers in order to reduce the length in the areas below the parietal ridge to lengths of less than 1/16th inch. In some cases, the hair is actually shaved (at least partially) in the lower areas.

The “High” part of “High and Tight” (with tight referring to the shortness of the hair) comes from this positioning of the tapering and the fact that the only length to the hair comes at the top of the head. Even in its longest areas, a ‘High and Tight’ style will probably never be more than 3/8ths to ½ inches, and it may be shorter depending on the texture and wave pattern of the hair.

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