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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fashion to Figure

My name is Stephanie and i am a size 11/12. I can admit to my size, what i don't understand is why clothing companies ignore my size!! my biggest pet peeve is when a standard size stops at a 9/10 and plus starts at 14/16. shout out to New York & Company for carrying ALL sizes up to 16 (however busty babes need not apply LOL) Torrid says they start at a size 12. their dresses are fab for us busty girls. however their sizes are uniquely theirs. (0-5 is fun to read on a tag) but most of their size "0" is way too big!! waaahh! anywhoo I have found an awesome store I cannot wait to visit this store next week!!!!! the website is (drumroll)
go, shop, tell me what you found! I will be posting pictures of my adventures.
BONUS: their stuff is actually pretty reasonably priced! my frugalista side loves it!!!

I love this off the shoulder look!

Like them on FB to get a coupon!

Extra Extra this just in!

Weight Watchers Magazine for $3.99

Tanga has Weight Watchers Magazine on sale for only $3.99. Use coupon code: WEIGHT at checkout to bring the price down to $3.99.

This price is good through today, 6/28 only.

Beauty and the Cheap

"In order to be a sought after stylist you have to be trendy" -Ms. G. Anyone in cosmetology has heard the lecture, how we have to be as trendy as the clients we want in our chair, and how to "look the part" 24/7! I know at Empire of Bordentown Ms.Gail would stress the importance of having your own hair done(no roots, no ponytails, no wrinkles). However the lesson that was skipped was, how to look "the part" on a assistants pay scale?!?!

that's why it is good you have me!! before you put a cent out on clothes, you NEED a subscription the the magazine of your targeted clients.(think: Cosmo,Parents, Redbook,More) not only are your style trends there it is also great conversation started while you are washing your clients hair. Now,I have been a subscriber to Cosmo since 1999. I seriously love it! (I even save summer issues to look at in the winter to pick my spirits up from all the jersey snow!) which brings me to my point. Today on groupon the deal of the day is a subscription to Cosmopolitan, for only 8 bucks!!!!
copy and paste this link to get it!

now once you find a style you like then look for the same patterns or even just the color combo you don't have to buy the $148.00 t-shirt to be trendy! and if your budget is tight look for the trendy accessories

That's a steal! Also this month it has been 1 year since I graduated Empire. I will deff have my post up soon reflecting on this past year's adventures, and next years plans!
Thinking about beauty school? "Like" Empire of Bordentown on Facebook to check out where all my dreams were put into motion!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hotest Hair

Redheads are becoming rarer and rarer, according the scientists, and in 100 years they could even be extinct! Maybe the fact that it's so uncommon and exotic is why blondes and brunettes are going red, and gingers are embracing their natural hue. Or maybe it's just because fire-colored locks are smokin' hot! my fave look is deff Amy Adams!
Rihanna has an awesome red she is sporting now too! she has rocked just about every color out there, but I think this shade matches her fiery personality best.

What hue of red do you love?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Protect Your Hair! (and save money)

Happy summer!!! summer is officially here in jersey however the temps have been super high for may. this little lady is not complaining one bit! I love love LOVE the heat and sun. As far as protecting my self from the sun that's a little different. as a child of the 80's i can remember tanning beds being sold out of magazines, and by my sophomore year i had a monthly membership to my local tanning salon, (as they say Gym, Tanning. laundry.) So now that I am older (shutter) and "wiser"I have stopped indoor taning.I know my hair is my identity & I love my hair, so I need to protect it. today's lesson goes for EVERYONE!weather you have highlights,or single color, or even sigh* box job it. THE SUN FADES YOUR COLOR, CHLORINE FADES YOUR COLOR FASTER,SEA SALT DRYS OUT YOUR HAIR! summer is so hard on your hair, give your hair some LOVE. the more you protect your hair the longer you can go between colors (saving you money YAY)

3 steps to protect your hair.
first block out as much as you can!
Aveda Hair Veil.

A lightweight, water-resistant UV defense mist that forms an invisible screen to help protect hair from sun exposure for up to 16 hours, to minimize color fadage, damage and dryness.UVA/UVB filters derived from wintergreen and cinnamon bark oils help protect hair from sun damageanti-oxidizing blend of green tea extract, certified organic sunflower seed oil and vitamin E helps protect against free radicals
certified organic shea butter, coconut and palm oils condition and detangle
light tropical aroma blend with 100% certified organic essences of neroli, ylang ylang and wild-crafted cistus
frugalista opition:
a mist type sunblock like , it will make your hair feel sticky tho
second WASH it out!!
Sun Care Hair and Body Cleanser

A color-safe formula that gently and effectively removes chlorine, salt and product build-up, while helping to maintain moisture balance.
corn-derived chelator removes minerals found in chlorinated pool water which cause discoloration
babassu-derived cleansing system removes chlorine, salt and product build-up
Frugalista option:
Step 3 pamper your hair!
Sun Care After-Sun Hair Masque

An intensive cream masque that restores sun-exposed hair, moisturizes, and helps defend against free radicals.
frugalista option:
leave your conditioner in for 10 min.
(s/n:all masques are pricey, but the are worth it! Mystique has trial size masques check us out)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pit Beef

still having fun in Maryland and today learned of a new food! I was asked today if I wanted to get pit beef sandwich for lunch, my over active imagination was thinking it was some form of beef jerky.. but i politely said, "I'm sorry you want what" suddenly i was getting flash backs of being asked if i wanted to play corn hole (it's beanbag toss for us yanks) so we drove on over to the pit beef stand at the church parking lot and what do you know it was DELISH!!! so i came back to the house and googled pit beef. apparently its official name is "Baltimore pit beef sandwich" and they serve it in restaurants too and is a BBQ staple. now it looks just like a hot roast beef sandwich but its the dry rubs they use on the meat to make it fan-freaking-tastic! Here's the link for on recipe. I will deff have to make this and test it out on my "yank" friends

what regional food have you tried?In Jersey it's porkroll. Yumm!

Supporting More Than a Sticker

I support(fill in the blank) stickers are everywhere you look, how many of us support more then buying a magnet? This weekend I'm in the south visiting a wonderful person who's hubby is in the marines and is deployed till December. I can only imagine the loneliness in her heart. but always a supporter of "Throw parties not grenades" I'm here to party up her weekend. next weekend my baby brother will be leaving for boot camp. I never knew how close my life would be impacted by the marines. Don't wait till veterans day to say thank you to those serving, those willing to serve, and those who are missing their boys away from home.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Groupon Alert!!

Super quick post because I know this will sell out soon!
Groupon is offering a $20.00 gift card to Oldnavy for only $10.00!!!
GASP!! <3 i just bought mine! sadly it is one per person. but whoootfc its still half off!!!

this is my personal link to Groupon. i love this site! referring friends gets you even more deals! so help a girl out! use my code and let the good karma come to you on awesome deals!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try"

Summer is here and for this jersey girl that means daytrips, adventures, and late night fun!
summer is the perfect time to grab your friends and try something NEW, jump off the highdive, try a new sport just try it once!!!

a few of my favorite things, and how I will be spending MY summer!
kayaking (tanning and exercise who could ask for more?)
tubing (if you have not dont this you are NOT from jersey!!)
jet skiing ( I have not gone in years and cannot wait to do it again!)
sixflags- (stand up roller coaster opening this sumer! count me in)
south carolina-ok this is not till september, but my baby brother will be graduating the univ. of paris island!
seaside (park!)- (there is a huge differance between the park and the heights! (plus it has my secret shop )
camp fires is there any better way to spend your night???????
tiki bars- including the tiki bars at my fabulous friends houses!
fire works- love at first explosion

What will you try??